MX4 Ionic Oxidation

MX4™ Ionic Oxidation utilizes propriety metallic technology and UV light energy to naturally produce ionic air scrubbers and destroy many indoor pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses, mold, VOC’s, mildew, allergens, and odors.

Actively Cleans

Unique new MX4™ Ionic Oxidation technology, produces an active cloud of air scrubbers that sweep through the home and seeks out indoor contaminants. Pollutants are safely and effectively destroyed even when they have not passed directly through the HVAC system!

Charged ionic air scrubbers attract pollutants like a magnet. Even in areas of your home that have reduced air flow, air scrubbers are still able to seek out and eliminate contaminants.

  • Proven effective in the air AND on surfaces!
  • Works 24/7.
  • Conglomerates sub-micron airborne particulates.
  • Independent laboratory tested technology.

Surface Efficacy

Most indoor air purification systems are effective in reducing airborne contaminants. MX4™ Ionic Oxidation technology takes the next step in whole house air purification and is proven effective in reducing contaminants on surfaces as well.

Smoke & VOCs

Smoke, VOC’s, and odors are some of the toughest indoor pollutants to remove. The special oxidizing powers of the ionic air scrubbers break down these contaminants at their molecular level, throughout the entire home.

NASA Technology

Developed for the International Space Station, MX4™ technology produces positively and negatively charged air scrubbers that attract contaminants like a magnet. And eliminates them!