Dust Free's Media Air Cleaners utilize a best in class MERV 13 carbon filter that traps 100 times more airborne particles than traditional disposable fiberglass filters.


Not only is it effective in reducing household dust, mold, and other allergens, carbon filter technology absorbs more odors and Volatile Organic Compounds than traditional filter media.

The Dust Free media air cleaner cabinet is designed to capture a significant amount of airborne particles. The cabinets are sold with MERV 13 carbon filter media. Dust Free media filter cabinets can be installed in all forced warm air furnaces and cooling systems up to 5 tons (2000 CFM).


  • MERV 13 carbon filter
  • Lowest pressure drop MERV 13 filter at 0.24" w.c.
  • Sized for air handlers and furnaces
  • Easy filter size identification
  • Quick filter media replacement
  • Painted steel cabinet
  • Positive seal gasket material included
  • Two-stage filter seal on cabinet door
  • Minimal air leakage design


  • MERV 13 carbon filter
  • Lowest pressure drop, 0.24" w.c.
  • 6 sizes for air handlers and furnaces
  • 16”x25”, 20”x20”, 20”x25”, 17”x22”, 21”x22”, 25”x22”